Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Summary (Jingyi Wu)

Summary 1: Jaime Lerner uses a  funny tone to explain how to solute practical problems in city. Because a city is a complicated system, he mentions combining automobiles with other elements is a good way to improve people's life.

Summary 2: Vik Muniz show audiences how he use his creativity to make his artwork with normal and daily materials.

Summary 3: Doris Sung introduce the process of  his sculptures. She crisscrosses metal trips to imitate personal skin, which would create a new type of architecture.

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  1. This is a solid but brief summary of the talks. However, I'm wondering what public speaking tips you picked up from watching these talks.

    Don't forget to label your posts with you name!

    Also, I think you mean 'solve' and not 'solute'.