Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Personal Statement (Seyoung)

    An artist’s personal statement is an essay that focuses on her and her art, addressing goals, interests and background experiences that relate to art. You’ll need to write a personal statement if you are an artist who is applying for a grant or to an art school. The personal statement should not be confused with an artist’s statement, as the personal statement is much more comprehensive than an artist's statement, which is often used only for marketing


     I think the Personal Statement should explain the reason why artist did his or her work, where those from, what influence artist take, and the connection between the work and your main theme in the works.

Sample of some artist statement:

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  1. Be careful about copying and pasting text. If the words aren't your own, you should put it in quotation marks (unless you are using long quotation format within your own text).

    You mentioned "what influence artist take". The correct way to say this is "what has influenced an artist". You can use influence as a verb in the present perfect tense and be sure to use an article with artist. Use "an artist" or "artists" when you mean any artist (not-specific), and use "the artist" (specific) when you and I both know who you are talking about.