Monday, April 1, 2013

E-portfolio Suggestions

You will be explaining your work during the final interview with another teacher using your entries in your e-portfolio.  The interviewer will also look through your eportfolio without you to give an assessment of your work.

As you know, there should be 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  For each, you should have already written your introduction including: general approach to skill area (think about how specific reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are important to you as a student and in your career), strengths and weaknesses, and your goals for the class

In each section, you should include 3 entries to demonstrate your work.   For each entry you should do the following:
  • Briefly explain the assignment and the files you have included (2-3 sentences). What was the purpose of the assignment? 
  • Write a reflection on your process and what you learned.  Explain what was did successfully and what you would do next time to improve your work (3-5 sentences)
  • Focus on the specific language, presentation, and research skills that we have been discussing in class.  While you may need to mention the content of your work (for example: housing projects in Red Hook, or African masks), the reviewer will want to see that you have learned skills that you can apply in your other graduate level classes.
  • Include files to show your work.  For your research papers, you should include the drafts with teacher and peer edits and comments.  Scan your papers and upload them as multi-page pdfs. You should include these examples even if you are unhappy the with the results!  Just be sure to explain the problems clearly.  
  • Organize your entries with your strongest work first.  They do not have to be organized chronologically.  For example, you could put your final research paper first if you feel it is you best work.  You should always highlight with improvements you have made, so uploading multiple drafts gives you a way to show what you learned. 
  • Remember that even though you will be explaining your work in an interview, the interview will be very short.  The interviewer will need to understand all of your work without having you present.
Suggested and Required Entries
In most cases you should choose your best work to upload; however, certain assignments must be uploaded.  The following is a list of possible assignments you could upload.  Required uploads are indicated with a '*'.

Personal statement (1st and 2nd draft)
*Mini-research paper (1st, 2nd (scanned with feedback), and final draft)
*Final research paper (1st, 2nd (scanned with feedback), and final draft)

Example research papers
Analyzing a reading (worksheet)
Evaluating source material (worksheet + class discussion)
Your own readings with notes, summaries, and or paraphrasing

In-class TED talks with summary on blog
Halvorson and Kilgallen, notes and connectors
Rachel's English pronunciation
TED pronunciation-  listen, take notes and repeat

Presentation #1: Your work
Presentation #2: Mini-research
*Pres. #3: Research

Please let me know if I've missed something!