Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mon. 1/28 Assignment: 15-20 Images

Thank you all for a great class today!  I enjoyed learning about what you all are doing and look forward to working together this semester.

For Monday's class, please select 15-20 images that you would like to use in your PowerPoint presentation about your own work.  You will use these images to give a presentation on Wednesday.  You should be able to talk about each image for about 1 minute.  Think about how to define your philosophy towards your career choice through images.  This is not a research project, but should be based on what you already know.   

Ideally, the images will all be of your work or be photographed or created by you.  However, as "your work" may be in development, you may also use outside source images to talk about your inspirations, ideas, and dreams for the future.  Be sensitive about plagiarism, however (let's talk more about this on Monday!).  If you find images online, be sure to note the URL.

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