Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Assignment Due 3/4: Difficult Readings

For Monday, please choose a reading that was assigned to you from another class at Pratt to bring to class and share.  This should be something that you consider to be challenging.  We will work on applying strategies for making these types of readings more manageable.

In addition, start thinking about what you would like to do for your final paper.  Will you continue with what you started in your first paper or will you choose a different subject?  If you are going to expand upon your first paper, what information will you be looking for in the coming weeks?  What theories from your field will you be incorporating into your writing?   

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/18 Assignment: First Draft and Outline

Mini-Research: First Draft and Outline

due: Monday 2/18

On Monday, please share your outline and first draft with the class.  You do not need to print your work at this stage, but be sure you can access it on your laptop of one of the computers in the lab.  You should also bring your source material to class.  You do not have to be completely finished, but you should far enough that we can give you feedback.  We will be analyzing your work together.  Follow these guideline:

  • Organize your ideas following standard outline format.  Refer to wikiHow if you need examples or ideas for how to begin.
  • Write 4-5 pages in clear, fully developed paragraphs.  Include an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.  Use transitions between paragraphs to move the reader from one idea to the next.
  • Develop a point of view about your subject.  Clearly state your point of view in the thesis statement, which should be the last sentence of the first paragraph.  Support your point of view with historical research and with the opinions of authorities in your field (whether you agree or disagree). 
  • Incorporate information from 2-3 academic sources.  Do not use Wikipedia.  Try to find at least one physical source (a book or journal/magazine article).  Search through the databases available through the Pratt library site.
  • Use correct MLA citation form.  Cite any information you found whether you are summarizing, paraphrasing, or quoting.  Introduce the source of your information by summarizing important sources and/or by using signal phrases.  Refer to Purdue Owl if you need help with citation format. 
  • Include a bibliography that follows MLA format.
  • You may include images, but it is not required.  Include captions and source information for all images.  Embed the images in your essay rather than separating them all at the end.  Remember you need 4-5 pages of text.  Your images will take up space beyond those 5 pages.
Let me know if you have any questions!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grammar Presentaions

Here is the schedule for grammar presentations and topics.  Please prepare a 30 minute lesson for the class.  Your lesson should include a presentation and explanation of the rules associated with that topic, practice exercises, a review of answers, and suggestions for further study.  Remember that 30 minutes is not a lot of time, so focus on information that can be easily understood and put into practice within that time frame. 

Feel free to talk with me if you are having trouble finding or understanding your material. 

2/25  Catherine - question form for different tenses
3/4  Jingyi- verb forms, helping verbs, use of -ing (progressive, gerund)
3/18  Violeta -prepositions
3/20  Renee- complex sentences - conjunctions + transitions
3/25  Seyoung- count and non-count nouns, quantifiers
4/1  Paula

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Writing an Outline

Being able to write an outline is a very helpful skill when you are trying to organize all of your thoughts and information.  For the mini-research paper, I'd like you to write an outline with your first draft.  You can write it before you start and then modify it if you need to as you go along.  This will help your peers and I understand how you structured your essay.

Here is a helpful link from the wonderful web:
How to Write an Outline - wikiHow

Monday, February 4, 2013

Site Visit Ideas

Parks, Buildings, and Community Development




Art and Animation
Gallery Listings



2/4 Assignment: Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Violeta Trinidad

I am proud to be part of one of the most important initiatives concerning sustainable development, climate change and green business. I have helped organize and developed different seminars and conferences for opinion leaders, business people and professionals on the first forum for dialogue between the public and private sectors, to show what actions the companies and government worldwide were taking to combat climate change, such as energy efficiency, green economies and public policies. This forum was included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on 2010. 

Moreover, I can say that my concern to solve social conflicts has been developed throughout my professional experience. For almost four years, I have been involved in the definition and implementation of public policy strategies aimed at promoting economic growth.

In 2011, I contributed to focus the main themes of the forum to refine the dialogues of the participants into promoting technology transfer and the implementation of ecologically sustainable projects. This time, all sorts of industries contributed with different projects including auto exhibitors using alternative fuels and anti-pollution technologies. We succeeded to improve the cooperation between companies and governments allowing positive environmental actions to be put into practice which will contribute to the design of public policies.

Finally, for this year’s forum I was also part in the decision making of the main theme of the event, which was refined into sustainable urban development.

The experience I have gained as part of different organization teams of international forums such as Green Solutions, G20, B20 and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has made me understand that I want to be part of a positive impact and pursue the idea of collaborating with a subject of global interest to create tangible and viable solutions to the environmental and development challenges facing our planet. These forums were made to allow dialogue between opinion leaders, business people, professionals and governments worldwide to contribute to the design of public policies.



Sunday, February 3, 2013

Assignment: Mini-Research Paper and Presentation

Mini-Research Paper and Presentation

Choose a site in New York City to visit, photograph, research, write, and speak about.  It should be a place that is important and related to your area of study.  For example, you may wish to visit a historical building, a park, or an exhibit in a museum or gallery.  If you have no ideas please speak with Nichole.  Do some preliminary online research about your site and discuss your plans in class on Wed. Feb 6.

Site visit:
Plan to visit your site during class time on Monday Feb. 11.  Photograph important aspects of your site.  Think about how to convey the experience of being in the place through your images.  Use wide-shots to give a sense of space and close-ups to show important details.  If people are using the space, demonstrate how through your images.  Think about the space or the work from the designer's or the artist's point of view. 

Find out more information about this site or about the work there.  Visit the library during class on 2/13 and learn some essential research techniques from a librarian.  Look for texts which explain the history behind what you saw, in additional to critical responses from cultural theorists and/or the public at large.  Learn insightful information by reading what the designers or artists say about their own work. 

15 Minute Photo Presentation:
Present your photographs in PowerPoint to the class on 2/20.  Include your point of view (thesis) about your chosen site or the work there and relevant research your uncovered.  Organize your photos and ideas in a logical manner.  Introduce your main points briefly at the beginning of your talk and summarize again at the end.    

Write: 4-5 pages, 12pt, double spaced. 
As a class, discuss how to write an outline and use it to help organize your ideas into paragraph form, including strong topic sentences and supporting examples.  Provide a clear introduction to your topic.  Develop a precise point of view (thesis) about your chosen site or the work there.  Summarize, paraphrase, and quote from your readings to support your point of view.  Give a solid conclusion.  Use MLA format correctly and include a bibliography of all the sources used in your paper.  Give feedback to your peers on the first drafts of your paper.  Receive feedback from your teacher on the second draft.  Turn in a final draft on 2/27. 

Important dates:
2/4 Homework: Preliminary online research for site selection
2/6 Explain your site selection in class.  Discussion: Writing an outline
2/11 Site visit during class time.  Take 15-20 photographs to use in second presentation.
2/13 Library visit: Searching for more information about your site
2/18 Due: First draft and outline.  Classwork: Prepare photo presentation
2/20 Due: Second draft and photo presentation
2/25 Discussion: The second draft
2/27 Due: Final draft

2/4 Assignment: Personal Statement

Personal Statement 
Due Monday, Feb. 4

Length:1-2 printed pages, 12pt font, double space

Your statement should contain at least 2 paragraphs, but may be up to 5.  Each paragraph should be 6-12 sentences long.  Each paragraph should also have a clear focus. 

It is important to imagine how your statement may be used in the real world: as part of a cover letter for a job application, a project proposal, or your website, for example.  In general, your statement should give the reader a clear picture of your working philosophy.  It also should reveal something unique about you without straying from the goal of making your work understood.  Don't dumb it down too much, but use English that is to-the-point and easily understood.

Please turn in a printed copy.  You do not need to upload it to this blog.


Here is a link to a few resources which will can help you while you're working on your e-portfolio.  We'll go over the basics together in class tomorrow.