Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Statement for planner (Jingyi Wu)

       When I was young, I was very active child. It is hard to be quiet for a minute. Since I started to learn how to draw a picture, my mother found I gradually focus on drawing and painting.
    With my knowledge growing, I opened eyes to different types and styles of painting and design. But, for me, the most attractive thing is design in three dimensions. Therefore I choose to learn landscape architecture.
Compared with architecture, landscape has fewer limitations. It can be a combination of more options, like plants, sculptures, rivers or bridges. It provides more possibility to create my artwork.
After working, I found no mater architecture or landscape architecture have a close relationship with a planning of related cities. They are a part of city and regional planning.
Planning is a subject of the direction of urban development and future of cities. It reflect all aspects of a country, which is based on politics, economics,  culture, history, population , transportation, technology, education and also depend on geography, climate, and environment. Sometime, a planner should even consider about race, religion, moral, law, safety, hygiene, convenience and more.


  1. I hope we can see you more works in the future.:)

    1. I don't know if I will do more physical design later. but I will do some conceptual research.:-)