Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist Statement(Catherine)

I understand that an artist statement is a two or three paragraph description about art work that provides the reader with information about artists’ sources, ideas, and inspiration. It should be present insightful information about process and answer questions viewers might have when looking at artists’ work. It is a valuable tool providing an additional connection between artist and audience, it also creates the opportunity for art work to be more fully considered and appreciated. The artist statement will become a page of text on website or accompany an exhibition of work. It should be use formal languages and specific opinions to support your art works.


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  2. I think this is a great summary of what an artist statement should aim for. It seems simple, right?

    Be careful with your use of the verb "be" with other verbs. You have "it should be present...information" and "it should be use... language".

    should + base form of verb (one only)

    For example:
    You should present information.
    It should be good.
    You should use formal language.