Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4 Assignment: Personal Statement

Personal Statement

Violeta Trinidad

I am proud to be part of one of the most important initiatives concerning sustainable development, climate change and green business. I have helped organize and developed different seminars and conferences for opinion leaders, business people and professionals on the first forum for dialogue between the public and private sectors, to show what actions the companies and government worldwide were taking to combat climate change, such as energy efficiency, green economies and public policies. This forum was included in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change on 2010. 

Moreover, I can say that my concern to solve social conflicts has been developed throughout my professional experience. For almost four years, I have been involved in the definition and implementation of public policy strategies aimed at promoting economic growth.

In 2011, I contributed to focus the main themes of the forum to refine the dialogues of the participants into promoting technology transfer and the implementation of ecologically sustainable projects. This time, all sorts of industries contributed with different projects including auto exhibitors using alternative fuels and anti-pollution technologies. We succeeded to improve the cooperation between companies and governments allowing positive environmental actions to be put into practice which will contribute to the design of public policies.

Finally, for this year’s forum I was also part in the decision making of the main theme of the event, which was refined into sustainable urban development.

The experience I have gained as part of different organization teams of international forums such as Green Solutions, G20, B20 and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, has made me understand that I want to be part of a positive impact and pursue the idea of collaborating with a subject of global interest to create tangible and viable solutions to the environmental and development challenges facing our planet. These forums were made to allow dialogue between opinion leaders, business people, professionals and governments worldwide to contribute to the design of public policies.



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