Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/4 Assignment: Personal Statement

Personal Statement 
Due Monday, Feb. 4

Length:1-2 printed pages, 12pt font, double space

Your statement should contain at least 2 paragraphs, but may be up to 5.  Each paragraph should be 6-12 sentences long.  Each paragraph should also have a clear focus. 

It is important to imagine how your statement may be used in the real world: as part of a cover letter for a job application, a project proposal, or your website, for example.  In general, your statement should give the reader a clear picture of your working philosophy.  It also should reveal something unique about you without straying from the goal of making your work understood.  Don't dumb it down too much, but use English that is to-the-point and easily understood.

Please turn in a printed copy.  You do not need to upload it to this blog.

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