Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignement Due 3/25: Thesis and Bibliography

Thesis statement and annotated bibliography.  Due 3/25

Write a thesis statement for your final research paper.  You may have to change this as you write, but write it the best you can for now.  It should be one sentence and include your topic, point of view, and a general summary of all the information you will focus on in your paper.
Provide the following for three sources of information you will use in your paper:
-Bibliographic entry.  Follow MLA format.
-Summary of the source as a whole in 2-3 complete sentences.  Who is the author?  Why is she/he important?  What is the purpose of the text?  How will it be useful in your writing?

Provide one or more of the following for each source of information:
-Useful quotation(s) with page numbers.
-Paraphrased section(s) with page numbers.
-Summarized section(s) with page numbers.

Type and print this information.  Follow MLA formatting guide (double-space, 12pt font, etc).

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